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Bas Clas in "The Independent", Lafayette, LA

In all of Lafayette’s rock and roll legacies, none measure up to that of Bas Clas. Their 1976-1991 run helped set the stage for original rock music in Lafayette. This Dec. 22, Bas Class returns for a reunion show at Blue Moon Saloon, the first since 2003 and the third since their 1991 disbanding. Though coming from the heart of Acadiana, the band’s full-force rock owed much more to southern rock and The Clash. The band rolled with the punches through three decades — with the unique vocals of Donnie Picou (a rocker’s Elvis Costello) — and lyrics ranging from borderline prog to pop rock. Bas Clas often draws a wide array of comparisons: The Replacements, 1980s rock and early alternative sounds. But it was always their marathon live shows that built their fan base. They are joined by another legendary southwest Louisiana band, The Bad Roads. During their brief run in the late 1960s, The Bad Roads tore up the Gulf Coast club circuit. Though they split 30-plus years ago, songs like “Blue Girl,” a 45 rpm gem and collectors item, hit big overseas where fans cooed over their driving rock that paired R & B tinges and well-defined British rock influences. — NP