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Cliff Boulder    "Taken for Granite"

Cliff Boulder (aka Ted Cobena, Jr.) was born in Lafayette, Louisiana at The Swamp Fox Bar and Grill when Big Mickey, from New Orleans, slapped Ted on the back and proclaimed him "Cliff Boulder, Rock Drummer!" Everyone seated at the bar agreed and the name stuck. (The fact that Ted was a drummer in a rock and roll band at the time and has a degree in Geology helped to fuel Mickey's imagination a bit, no doubt).

Cliff has been involved in numerous recording projects in the past including favorite Louisiana bands like The Red Beans and Rice Revue and Bas Clas. Currently he has just finished work as a guest artist on the debut disc from Lafayette's own New Phobia Orchestra. His work can also be heard on Michelle Murphy McCann's new CD "Starfish".

As a solo artist, he is focusing his talent on composing lush, atmospheric instrumental pieces infused with the flavor of his Louisiana heritage.

 "Taken For Granite" is Cliff's first CD and is available at cdbaby.com 

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 Cliff Boulder: Taken For Granite

Cliff Boulder   "Bold Tattoo"

 Bold Tattoo”, the second release from Cliff Boulder (a.k.a. Ted Cobena, Jr.) continues with lush, atmospheric soundscapes but now the highlight is on percussion. An assortment of hand drums, chimes, tambourines, cymbals, gongs and the trap set were used to help create these 11 melodic instrumentals. Even the name of the CD is rooted in drumming. The word “tattoo” is defined in The American Heritage Dictionary as….”a signal sounded on a drum..”.

Sailboats and soul searching, silence and serenity are all themes woven into the fabric of this bold tattoo. As the CD progresses, the listener is transported on a journey to the stars in space, through the eye of a hurricane, and to the depths of the sea. One will visit with the elephants of Africa, feel a warm desert wind and experience a sunset in a far away land.

As Cliff says, “With music there are no boundaries”. So open your mind, hear the music, and let your imagination take you to places that only spirits dwell.

This CD is now available at CDBaby,Amazon.com, or can be ordered from this website.

Click on the image below to go to CDBaby and hear samplesCliff Boulder: Bold Tattoo

Michelle Murphy McCann   "Starfish"

A lifelong resident of Florida's Gulf Coast, Michelle finds songwriting inspiration in the extraordinary importance of seemingly mundane gestures and experiences. She has an intuitive ability to uncover what behaviors really mean in terms of human connections to one another. Her family and friends are often unwitting subjects, but they don't seem to mind. A friend's miracle baby inspired "Good News," and a marital spat became songwriting fodder in "While You Are Sleeping," while making up inspired "My Red Coat," a joyful accounting of a perfect day of happiness and security.

With her sweet voice and folksy guitar, she explores love, parenthood, marriage, family, loss and happiness with a keen eye for truth, and a decidedly determined spirit.

Available at cdbaby.com

New Phobia Orchestra

This is the debut disc from Lafayette's own New Phobia Orchestra.This CD is comprised of original music composed by Destry Vilers and Cliff Boulder and also includes unique renditions of some familiar tunes from not so long ago.

The musicians:Dexter Freebish,George Peppered,Kreat Loxx,Lucy Endeguiz,Destry Vilers,Cliff Boulder,Tee Tony Roma,Stunning Sylvia Shelady,T.Z.Wilpv,Beebop Aloubee and Jacques Deblanc.

Produced in spite of Dexter Freebish (ha!) and recorded at Studio BTG,Carencro ,La. and Soap and Song Studio Santa Rosa Beach,Fl.

Mixed and mastered on Beautiful Beau Bassin at Studio BTG.

Smilin' Fritz Trio

Red hot rhythm and blues featuring guitarist extraordinaire Fritz Froeshner!

This CD was recorded live with the Soap and Song Mobile Unit on Memorial Day 2004 at the legendary Capo's Club in Santa Rosa Beach,Fl.

It also features Bill Garrett on bass and vocals and Ted Cobena on drums.

Bill Evett   "Full Circle"

The sounds of rock-bossa featuring Bill Evett's songwriting,voice and guitar.

This CD also includes Fritz Froeshner on guitar, Tom Latenser on bass and Ted Cobena on drums, congas and percussion.

The Loco Locals

The long awaited release of their first CD.

Titled  "It is what It Is" and it is just that!

The group includes Lew Hogue,Nora Wixted- Hogue,Butch Blasingame,and Ted Cobena.

Guest musicians include Sabrina McKenney and Chef Wayne Edwards.

All songs are written by Lew and Nora and it's a kind of beachy,bluesy,swampy music that is what it is and ain't what it ain't. Hear samples of it at CD Baby and then purchase it here,there or at live gigs.

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The Loco Locals: It Is What It Is

 Bas Clas

From the legendary, mythical, mistical South Louisiana band that Ted was a part of for so many years. And still is!

This CD is a compilation of EP's , demos, tapes and vinyl recordings that Bas Clas did from 1977 t0 1986. The 22 original songs have been remastered by Grammy Award winning Tony Daigle and the disc is available here,CDBaby, or at www.basclas.com

 Idea 7   "Out of the Bottle"

Idea 7 is Ted Cobena and Butch Blasingame. Ted plays drums, percussion and keyboards, with Butch adding guitars and bass. Out of the Bottle, their first CD, consists of 10 original songs that showcase the instrumental prowess of each individual. Together these two musicians have teamed up to produce music that is fresh, energetic and mood provoking. Give a listen to their songs and see if you come up with any ideas of your own...

 This CD is available at CDBaby, Amazon.com, and can be ordered from this website.

It is now for sale at "Treasure in Paradise" located on Scenic Hwy 30A in Blue Mountain Beach, Fl.

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Idea 7: Out of the Bottle




Bob Robira is back! A low-key, but long respected member of the Lafayette music community, Bob recovered from a heart attack in 2007 to record, produce, and mix his new CD, Too Far Gone. It’s an amazing collection of songs recorded at his Sterling St. home with help from heavy weights like Don Picou, Sam Broussard, and Ted Cobena. Coming on like a cross between Tom Waits, Captain Beefheart, and John Prine, Robira tackles light subject matter (“This Little Town”) and the heavy stuff with lyrics like, “Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die” (“Too Far Gone”). Robira made every effort to avoid overproducing the album. “I tried to let it be what it is, not what it isn’t,” says Robira. “I had to keep the essence: good, bad, warm, and true.” Buy Too Far Gone at CDbaby or iTunes, now. — Dege Legg




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This CD is for sale at CDBaby.com